Casual conversations about cheese crackers…

My roommate just caught me google image searching Cheese Nips vs. Cheese-Its.

Just take a second and imagine a whole browser window full of bright orange cheese cracker boxes…or, ya know, don’t. Because really, you can just google image search it and see for yourself. The internet not only helps me remember which kind of cheese cracker I prefer but it also keeps me from exercising my imagination. Thank you, Google. 

A: “Are you looking up Cheese Nips right now? Really?”
Me: “…uuuuh, yes. I forgot which one I like more so I had to look up the box. Cheese Nips are definitely better. I remember now.”
A: “Huh, really? I like the ones that are shaped like triangles.”
Me: “That’s not either one of these…”
A: “I know…but I like those.”